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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hyuna updates with simple but adorable pictures

Article: "The epitome of innocent + sexy" Hyuna's regular pictures look like a pictorial

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+319, -13] She had a stronger sexy image before but now with Sulli acting up all the time, she's making Hyuna look modest now

2. [+240, -40] Her face looks off??

3. [+208, -24] I'm a Hyuna fan but there does seem something slightly off about her face ㅜㅜ

4. [+17, -3] If you think about it, Sulli looks a lot more erotic than Hyuna. It doesn't matter how revealing Hyuna's clothes are, she never looked erotic to me..

5. [+15, -0] She was so pretty during her 'Ice Cream' days ㅜ now her mouth looks more protruded... what happened

6. [+15, -3] Did she redo her nose?

7. [+14, -1] Sulli stole away her erotic queen title

8. [+10, -3] No classy feel to her

9. [+8, -3] That Triple nugu whatever was such a failure. Song was whatever too.

10. [+7, -0] Am I the only one getting scary vibes?;; She looks like a ghost here...;;;

11. [+7, -2] Doesn't look like she got any more work done to me, just looks like she aged a bit

12. [+7, -5] Maybe her make up style changed? She looks a lot more innocent and pretty


Jennie gives girl crush vibes for 'Nylon Japan'

Article: "Perfect girl crush" Jennie's innocent rebellion

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+242, -29] The eyeshadow is too much, no? ㅠㅠ

2. [+211, -34] I was reading the comments and she really does look like Jessie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+193, -38] Not only her name but her face looks like Jessie too

4. [+41, -10] She's really little Jessie

5. [+38, -4] Something about this picture is tacky

6. [+28, -5] She doesn't look like Son Naeun, more like Jessie

7. [+26, -2] Looks like a little girl who got into her mom's make up

8. [+22, -2] I remember someone described Jennie as Son Naeun trapped inside Jessie

9. [+20, -1] Did the make up artist just have to do her make up like that?

10. [+20, -4] Weird!!


Park Yoochun to be discharged this month

Article: Park Yoochun to be discharged on the 25th... will he reveal his feelings

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+2,172, -133] Reveal his feelings where? In the bathroom?

2. [+1,798, -73] Already?? Feels so fast ㅋㅋㅋㅋ unlike Lee Seung Gi's

3. [+1,307, -101] Nah, don't come out

4. [+1,142, -90] We don't want to hear your feelings ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+416, -35] For someone who lives off of his image... what charm does a celebrity who has a bathroom fetish with an attention wh*re for a wife have? Who knew that his life and Song Joong Ki's would take such a drastic turn since 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'?

6. [+376, -34] "Discharge from the army"???? Please don't call it a service when all he did was public service because of his asthma while still chain smoking

7. [+286, -31] Ridiculous that this is still considered a completion of service. What he did was basically graduate from the boy scouts.

8. [+248, -29] What a tumultuous service from beginning to end. All that controversy in the beginning for getting into public service over asthma when he's actually a chain smoker, then a sex scandal in the middle of service. I still remember all the fans shielding him like "I saw our oppa have to use a respirator when he gets off stage!!" I wonder how they're feeling now

9. [+171, -24] What?? He hasn't been discharged yet?? So he was going around dating that chaebol girl this whole time while in service???? I already knew he was trash for going public service over asthma when he's a chain smoker but he's even bigger trash than I thought

10. [+150, -23] Such thick skin... serving public service for asthma while still getting caught in pictures smoking around his fiancee... what a mess, tsk tsk

11. [+136, -22] If he has any feelings to express at discharge, it's probably to say he wants to come back to his promos ㅋㅋ please just live quietly as a non-celebrity for the rest of your life...

12. [+86, -9] Hey, your friend is hitting the lowest viewer ratings with his 'Manhole' drama, go grab him some soju when you get out


YG calls iKON's boycott a misunderstanding

Article: [Official] YG reps, "Regarding iKON fandom's boycott... it's happening out of a misunderstanding"

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+3,297, -142] What do you mean a misunderstanding? First you called it a useless worry, and now it's a misunderstanding... Please come back with genuine feedback

2. [+2,454, -129] Ugh, YG isn't reading anything we're writing properly ㅡㅡ

3. [+2,329, -123] What iKON fans are asking about is not when their comeback is. Please read it again and give us proper feedback.

4. [+2,050, -128] To all you commenters saying fans are making a big deal out of nothing, please go look at their music videos and teasers for yourselves and see how little YG invested in them. We begged and begged for variety show promos that every other idols do all the time and all we got was 'Weekly Idol'

5. [+1,742, -86] If YG puts out feedback like this, it just makes it seem like all fans care about is when the next comeback is.

6. [+641, -48] 20 foreign fan meets. 0 Korean fan meets. 481 days of hiatus out of 700 days since their debut (and the majority being spent on their foreign tour). 4 limited edition Japanese songs. Self-composed songs only released during their survival show were released only in Japan. We are not making these posts because we want another comeback. We're asking to be given fair treatment.

7. [+548, -32] Looks like no one in YG has a brain. We literally spelled out what we want from them but all we got back in return was two letters "mis-understanding".. ㅋㅋ

8. [+508, -20] An idol's growth is dependent on proper communication with their fans. YG does not know what fans want, or maybe it's that they do know and choose to ignore it. Just because they're not making enough money in Korea, they ignore all their Korean fans and don't care that the fandom is getting smaller and smaller. All they care about is running them overseas and making as much money as possible.

9. [+491, -27] Can YG please explain why they have more Japanese releases than Korean releases then

10. [+445, -26] Fans sent in an 18 page letter documenting two years of problems and all YG has to say is that it's a "misunderstanding"????????????? I think YG knows exactly well who has the misunderstanding right now. At least be honest and say you have on intention of listening to fan opinions at all. They're just making a fool of us fans and enough's enough. We are not whining for a comeback. What we're asking for is to not schedule weekly tours while just releasing one song in Korea without any promos and calling it a comeback.


Hollywood: Mariah Carey

Article: "120 kg of love?" Mariah Carey spotted on a date with her boyfriend

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

1. [+1,054, -51] I know it's wrong to think this... but I really don't think he could date her if not for the money

2. [+930, -45] She doesn't look 120

3. [+708, -27] Money's good, eh?

4. [+44, -3] Why does everyone keep calling her 120 kg...? Kim Jun Hyun is listed as 120 kg on his profile and she doesn't look nearly as big

5. [+44, -2] Surprised those thin heels can withstand 120 kg of weight...

6. [+39, -2] When she was in Tokyo last week, Japanese news said she was about 90 kg or 100 kg... 120 kg makes no sense.

7. [+26, -0] One's wearing a t-shirt, the other's wearing a leather jacket... I wonder what the weather's like there

8. [+22, -2] Probably has the best body out of any 120 kg I've seen ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+17, -1] The monster of capitalism..

10. [+16, -8] So what if she's 120 kg? Why does everyone have to be 46 kg? Jeez

11. [+15, -0] Looks like mother and son...

12. [+14, -1] She wouldn't even be considered fat in America..